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Retail projects:

Retail construction experience

Are you a Project Management company specialized in Retail-Turn-key projects? 

Have you just got an assignment for building a new store but your team is fully busy now?

Or..have you been invited to tender a new store but you don't have time for study in-depth the project?

Maybe you are an entrepreneur thinking in open a new store or restaurant or pharmacy?

You might have a cool interior concept design but now what are the next steps?

Are you a Store development manager working for an international brand and you need support for opening stores?

I can join you since the moment you need.


Hospitality projects:

FF&E specialist, purchasing consultant and production manager

As a project coordinator with more than 6 years experience in the Interior design industry, I can help you with any of the following aspects:

-FF&E procurement including preliminary accurate estimations

-Purchasing strategy 

-Production management: translating design intents into detailed requests for interior producers.

-Controlling and supervising quality standards and results.

-Budgeting, cost control and detailed planning

-Supervising on-site works, solving problems and managing resources




Apartment renovation?


I can help and advise you along the process: since the initial sketches until the last day.

As independent professional I am experienced enough for working with big firms but on the other hand, I absolutely love housing refurbishments and that is what makes me specially good at it. 


I would be guiding you along the process and I will make you save countless amounts of time and money. You can be your own interior designer, or I can introduce you to another freelancer colleague I sometimes collaborate with. Anyhow, working with me you will have your own independent Architect and Construction manager dedicated to your apartment renovation.


As freelancer I'm flexible and when necessary, I work Saturdays, Sundays and/or evenings . In construction there is never time to loose.


How do I achieve to always finish the projects on time and in-budget? 

Whether is a one-time project or a ongoing relationship, these are the ways I'll get there.

All it takes to get the ball rolling is to get together and talk about your project.

Independent FF&E specialist
Furniture Production & Purchasing Strategy
Interior Design manager
Retail Construction Project Manager
Retail Site Management
Drafting Working/Construction Drawings
About me

About me


I develop concept designs into technical drawings, specifications and quantities -and then I orchest the construction until the end.

I am an international based freelancer specialized in technical development of interiors. I have a Masters degree in Architecture and Building engineer (6 years degree!).

I have spent countless hours in construction sites. The construction knowledge learnt on site is always reflected in my drawings. That same technical knowledge allows me to negotiate fair costs while asking quotations to subcontractors.

I love caffeine. My laptop and the laser-meter are always with me. I master the art of printing and I specially like plotting in A0.

I have the experience of big-firms managers but I am more flexible. I don't have expensive pieces of art in the office, neither fancy meeting rooms. I just have a desk and a huge screen. I'm an agile hard worker and I never have to assist to corporate meetings.

My mission

When I started working as freelancer in 2013, I had three goals in mind:


-Be good to people 
-Be easy to work with
-Always play the long game.


My culture and values reflect this and it's what makes me unique.

Who I work with

I enjoy working with passionate companies; Companies big and small… sometimes they’re not even companies but just particular clients or families.


I produce work for construction companies doing retail turn key projects, local architects, brands opening new stores, interior design agencies, furniture producers....or cool hotels in expansion.

Whoever you are, whatever you require, I am totally committed to helping you achieve the smarter new store you want.

Naomi Thellier The student Hotel.jpg

Naomi Thellier,
Creative Director at The Student Hotel

"We have had the pleasure of hiring her for several projects at The Student Hotel and have come to consider her as an integral part of our team.

It is with absolute confidence and trust that any scope of work - big or small -  can be delegated to her, from managing a creative process to completion (construction and aftercare)."

Jan van Hest bn.jpg

Jan van Hest,
Managing Director at Store3D

"Maira is a very passionate woman and her skills match for managing the realisation of retailconcepts.

She is also straight to the point and an accurate team player.

Always an appreciate value for our projects for more than five years!"

Studio koningshausen.jpg

Simone Koningshausen, Studio Koningshausen

"Maira is an eager and talented project manager. I enjoyed working with her a lot because of her positive energy and passion for her job. She willingly tackles difficult issues, takes on additional responsibilities when necessary and makes sound decisions."

Contact me

Contact me

It all starts with a simple conversation...
Just get in touch. 

PHONE +31 625574963



Weteringschans 165C,

101XD Amsterdam

The Netherlads

Good! Message sent.

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